Tuesday, July 7, 2009


HONESTLY . . . I have been running. Now that the biggest ultra of the year - the work that goes into trying to pull-off a successful Finger Lakes Fifties for other runners - is now in the books. The deed is done. Check all how everything went - from pictures to results to reports from the runners - on my race blog (CLICK HERE). Now I can finally focus my efforts on getting ready for my race - the Vermont 100, which is now less than two weeks away!

As usual, I am overwhelmed . . . the Tour de France has started and Lance is really mixing things up, now riding in 3rd place overall! And best of all is that the team time trial, which has been out of the competition since 2005, is back and Lance's team, Astana, should really make a showing! And then there is my usual rugby addicition . . . the British & Irish Lions are still battling it out in South Africa - missed the second half of last night's game because I had to get back to The Tour! Right now I am in need of two TVs side-by-side.

Well, it's time to finally get in the last few miles before the big one next week. I will write more later and have made a promise to myself to get back on track with the blogging.

Until later -
Happy Trails!

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