Thursday, July 23, 2009

Vermont 100 Pictures

OK, many of you know how my run at the 2009 Vermont 100 came out. I am still working on the report and will post it soon, but until then . . . enjoy some pictures of the journey (CLICK HERE).

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  1. Sorry that it was a bust Chris. Not a whole lot you can do if you are fighting nausea all day. Thank you for all of the kind words in your comment...I also felt honored to be running with you early on, and some of your ultra tips that you gave me were invaluable. I screwed myself up pretty bad from this run (bad tendonitis in my left foot), but am slowly recovering. Not sure about Leadville yet. I haven't run since vermont and am getting a little out of shape :-(

    what do you have in the way of future races?