Thursday, August 27, 2009

Green Lakes Endurace Runs

OK . . . it’s time to get ready to race! Since VT100 I have been recovering (which hasn’t really felt like recovery, since I didn’t feel like I burned myself out when I stopped at 83.6 miles). I have been trying to focus on running strong and figuring out my on-the-run nutrition plans. Sunday, August 30, is the Green Lakes Endurance Runs (GLER) (100K & 50K). I have never run this race before, so I am excited about doing something new. I was so tempted to go for the 100K, but I really think a strong 50K race will serve me better in my preparation for IT50. Here are some things that I have been working on that I feel will help me to have a successful race this weekend:

1. Hydration – I really like Hammer HEED, it tastes great and digests well for me. But for some reason, and maybe that’s due to something I am not doing right with it during the run, it just doesn’t give me the energy during the run that I have felt with other carbohydrate drinks. I have tried it multiple times and during short runs I feel like I can get by with it, but during an ultra it just doesn’t seem to do it. I really like the Hammer products and will continue to try to use HEED and figure out how to make it work for me, but for this weekend at GLER it’s back to old-school Gatorade, water, and NUUN tabs.

2. Food – this is a toughie. What works one day may not be the right thing the next time around. I know that I have gotten through marathons on just Gatorade calories and since I will be using that at GLER, maybe I won’t have to eat much solid. But I plan to have a multitude of options between my new fave Clif Bars, Clif Shot Blocks, salt & vinegar potato chips, and Combos. I am toying with the idea of chocolate and vanilla flavored soy milk for my protein needs. I love this stuff and I know that it sits well in my gut, but I have never tried it on the run. I know the golden rule . . . don’t try anything new on race day. I am going to break this rule, since although I am racing, I am also training for the bigger race – IT50. So in this case, I think it’s OK – and necessary - to try something new.

3. Dirty Girl Gaiters – excellent name! How can you not want to wear a pair of these? I just got another pair so I can get my mojo back with mismatched gaiters. I think I was getting too stuffy with the matching gaiters and all. Gotta keep things light and interesting! It’s not just about function – it’s also about style!

4. My feet – they actually have been doing quite well. I have tried taping them for some of my recent runs and it has worked well. However, I have also tried – most recently Joe’s 30K Mountain Madness run – running without them taped and had just fine results. I’m usually pretty good anyway up to 50 miles on trails. The calluses finally bubbled up and that tough outer layer came off, but I can feel the calluses quickly returning. For GLER I am planning on not taping my feet to start, but will have the moleskin ready if needed.

5. Sneakers – the Brooks Adrenaline ASR 6 has been my favorite trail shoes with the Brooks Cascadia 4 a close second. However, I have been putting more time on the trail in the Cascadias and found that I really prefer them over the Adrenalines. They are two different types of shoes which really serve two different purposes for me. The Adrenalines have more stability while the Cascadias seem to give me a better feel for the trail and are lighter weight. So the plan is to start out with the Cascadias and have the Adrenalines on stand-by if I need more support.

6. Joe – what else is there to say? I will have my best support-crew-cowbell-ringing man there to encourage me with each loop (four-loop course, so I will be able to see Joe often and get a lot of much-needed support!).

So if you want to follow the race, you can check it out via the live webcast. Just go to My race number is 151. It should be a super fun day! I am hoping to go under six hours, which is what my last 50K race was. However, never having been on this course, and depending on the weather and heat, it could be a total crap-shoot. We’ll see what happens!

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