Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's a Brand New Year!

January 1, 2009! Holy cow - where did 2008 go? I hope that the New Year brings happiness and bright outlooks for everyone. 2009 is looking to start off pretty good high on the hill here. We had a great New Year's eve snowstorm which brought about 8" of snow and the XC skiing was excellent! I know that I wouldn't live anywhere else - because I am sure there are few places where I could go right out my door and a couple of miles down the road find some of the best skiing and running areas. The downside to today is that I have to work. I usually get to start my new year off with the New Year's day run in Big Flats with many of my friends, but since it doesn't start until noon, I don't have enough time to run and get back in time for work. So Joe will start the New Year without me in that regard.

I am starting this blog to help keep track of my ultrarunning year. Please bear with me, as I am new to this and I really am a computer dork, so I am sure to make many mistakes! This tool will hopefully serve to keep my training on track as well as keep anyone who may be interested updated on where I'm at.

So enjoy the New Year's day. I may get out for a short run before work, I may not. Right now I hear the Twilight Zone marathon calling my name. I'll be in touch later and let you all in on some of my ultrarunning adventure plans for the year. It's time to up the ante!

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