Sunday, January 4, 2009

Getting Started

OK, so in my mind I think that this week didn't "really count" in my training agenda for the new year. December was my month to relax and kick-back and do what I wanted . . . which meant not keeping a training log. So since the first half of this week was still December I hadn't really gotten my act together. But I did use the time to think about my running goals for 2009. I chose not to run on New Year's Day. The sun was out but it was bitter cold. And I was entranced by the beauty outside of my living room window and didn't want to disturb it. We have many pileated woodpeckers around here (you know, the HUGE ones; the real woody woodpeckers) but I have never seen one up close. But there he was, right outside my window, feeding from my suet feeder. It was truly an awesome sight.

And for the three days following that I have experienced some pretty spectacular views of nature during my running and XC skiing. And that got me thinking about what I can do to make less of an impact on the world and help preserve the areas I run in. I want to try to be a "greener" runner this year. The first thought that came to mind was those energy gels, one of my essential foods on the run. What happens to all of those little foil packets - and runners go through tons of them - after they are used? I am certain that it wouldn't be that much more difficult for me to carry a reuseable plastic gel container and refill it from a bulk supply. It's a small step, but I have to start somewhere. My goal is to research some "green" ideas for runners and hopefully each week or so come up with something new that I can do.

So here's what I accomplised for the first four days of January 2009:

Thursday 0 miles
Friday 5.5 miles (run)
Saturday 5.5 miles (xc ski)
Sunday 13 miles (run) & watched two rugby matches

Next week's plan will certainly depend on the weather conditions. I am torn, as I want to run but the skiing has been so great! I hope that 2009 has been treating everyone well so far. That's all for now - I hope to have a more interesting week to report on next week.

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