Friday, October 22, 2010

In Limbo

Well, it's October and it's that hard time on the running scene. It's been a long year of races with ups and downs but it's not over yet and I am not ready for it to be over. It's been 3 1/2 weeks since my last "race" and I am ready for the down-time to be over. It's time to get back into the run with friends. And with hunting season starting up, there's the risk that goes with entering the woods. Right now it's bow-hunting season and I feel fairly comfortable hitting the woods during this time. When hunting with a bow, the hunters really need to narrow down their target before shooting, which definitely gives them the chance to identify you as a runner and not a deer. However, once shot gun season starts, that's a different story. I have heard too many scary stories and it seems that some hunters shoot by sound and not by sight. Once shot gun season starts, I will stick to the roads until it's over.

Today I woke to a beautiful sight . . . a light snowfall! Definitely not enough to cover the ground, but a very picturesque sight. And maybe a little to sad to think that the ground will soon be covered in snow and the running game will take on new strategies . . . like with snowshoes! Woo hoo! I am definitely psyched to get the snowshoes out again for some longer runs and hikes and hopefully discover some new places with them.

Our porch is taking on a great new look . . . actually looks like a porch now with a roof and everything! I can't wait to have it done and be able to sit outside when it's snowing or raining and enjoy a good cup of joe or a nice cold brew! What a way to relax after a run.

So don't be sad that the racing season is coming to a close for the year . . . be happy and think about what new things you will get to do to rejuvenate your passion and your soul during the winter.

"In the morning sunshine, in the evening twilight, a small Bear travels through a Forest. Why did we follow him when we were so much younger? He is, after all, only a Bear of Little Brain. But is Brain all that important? Is it really Brain that takes us where we need to go? Or is it all too often Brain that sends us off in the wrong direction, following the echo of the wind in the treetops, which we think is real, rather than listening to the voice within us that tells us which way to turn?" - The Tao Of Pooh

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