Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Preliminary Beast Of Burden Thoughts

OK, it's been a couple of days since tackling The Beast Of Burden 24-hour run and what a major blast it was! Thank you so much to Sam Pasceri for creating this winter fun! My feet have recovered from the trenchfoot but I think my brain is still snowbound.

CLICK HERE for full results of the 24-hour and 100 mile races by Score This!! timing.

For a really excellent video by Jeff Tracy, go to and click on "Beast of Burden video". It will make you feel like you were there! Dress warm!

CLICK HERE for some pics by my wonderful crew honey, Joe.

Eventually I will come up with a report of my race that I hope will do justice to the wicked conditions that all of us runners, crews, and volunteers had to endure. This was really a great event and I am already planning on giving it another go next year.

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