Thursday, December 24, 2009


Well, it's 3:42am and it is officially Christmas Eve. And here I am on my computer, unable to sleep, it's dark outside and a mere 17.5 degrees. And I have been awake since 1am. I tried reading, drinking "Sleepytime" herbal tea, browsing the internet, and nothing has been successful in making me sleepy, so I have just decided to give it up, enjoy my morning coffee, and write about my woes. My cat, Sam, who loves to be with me wherever I am, even gave it up and crawled inside a sleeping bag to go back to bed. I thought it might be a good time to just go out for a run, but the darkness and bitterness outside made me rethink that. Now I don't think that 17 degrees is that bad; I have run in colder weather and have thoroughly enjoyed it. However, that was when it was light outside. There is something about the cold and dark together that just doesn't appeal to me. Unless I have someone running along side me to commiserate with. If I really wanted to be productive I suppose I could be wrapping those last few Christmas gifts right now, but really, why take away from that last-minute preparation for Christmas? I will let them wait.

So I am just rambling with nothing really important to say. The Munster vs. Perpignan rugby game was on a bit after 2am, which I just realized that I missed. Oh well, it was a replay and I saw the last few minutes of it yesterday morning and saw that Munster slaughtered Perpignan. But Joe told me that my man Ronan O'Gara had a really spectacular game and I would have liked to see that.

So Merry Christmas to everyone. Relax and enjoy the beauty of the season and the wonderful whiteness outside. And if the mood strikes you, get out and enjoy and run or walk in the cold and realize how alive it can make you feel.

"My life is a gift from my Creator. What I do with my life is my gift back to the Creator." --Billy Mills


  1. merry christmas! Hey, I just saw one of the best movies I've seen in a while the other night. It's about the rugby team in South Africa when Nelson Mandela was president. I highly recommend seeing it. Morgan Freeman, Matt's really great! Cheers!

  2. Merry Christmas back at you, Yassine. Sorry I missed you while you were in town. Joe & I were at the movies on opening day of "Invictus" - I thought it was absolutely awesome and Joe said it happened just like that! I knew rugby was amazing! Hope to catch up with you the next time you're back.