Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This Week In Running - And Not-Running

OK, yes, I have been a blogging slug. But not on purpose . . . really. Things have just been hectic around here. A couple of weeks ago I came home from work and usually my girls are there to greet me . . . Sammy for her midnight playtime and Yip for her snacks. When I got home Joe told me that Yip did not eat her dinner – and that is VERY strange for her. You could set your clock by this girl; she will let you know when it is dinner time and she knows what time it is. I tried to give her a few of her treats and she wouldn’t eat them. Now I was really concerned. The next day she was just not acting herself and so it was off to the vet’s we went. Yip is 11 years old – I think that makes her like 77 in people years. So what the vet discovered was that she wasn’t sick, she was in pain. This just broke my heart to know that she was hurting and couldn’t tell me and I didn’t know. She was very tender in her back and the vet thought she pinched a nerve or injured her back somehow. After a loading dose of anti-inflammatories and glucosamine supplements, Yip was already perking up a bit the next day. Of course, she got A LOT of TLC. She is now off of her anti-inflammatories and continuing on her 21-day daily regimen of glucosamine (which will switch to every-other-day after day 21) and is back to her old self . . . which means torturing Sammy when she can and racing laps through the house. This does my heart good!

As for running . . . yes, I have been doing that. Although be sequestered to the roads because of the hunters really stinks. But this too shall pass. Eventually hunting season will be over and we can take back the trails.

And despite working in the germ-infested ER I have managed to remain flu-free. I am a hand-washing freak and I am sure this has helped. I also believe that the running lifestyle has helped keep my immunity up, so I will just keep doing what works!

In the rugby world my Munster men had a good week beating Ulster 24-10. It’s about time they put together an entirely good game! Hopefully they are getting themselves back into the groove and the winning streak will continue. Peter Stringer has been on the bench as replacement scrum-half for some time and I miss him. He is a feisty player with sharp, quick moves. O’Leary does a fine job, but the connection of Stringer and O’Gara was (and still is when Stringer is playing) a phenomenal thing to watch. I am still keeping my fingers crossed that Stringer will make it back into the starting lineup again.

The NYC marathon was this past Sunday and the day came together nicely. The weather was absolutely beautiful and it was a good day for US running, with six of the top 10 finishing spots going to the Americans, including the #1 place! Diane would have been so happy to see this and it was only fitting that she was taking her final run in NY on this auspicious occasion. Thank you Barb for making Diane’s final wish come true.

So not much else going on. Next week should be a good reporting week, bringing the results of Mendon Ponds 50K, the final race in the WNY Ultra Series, and results of the Stone Cat 50Miler and Marathon. Good luck to Lorrie at Mendon and Becky as she returns to the racing scene at the Harrisburg Marathon.

“To keep from decaying, to be a winner, the athlete must accept the pain – not only accept it, but look for it, live with it, learn not to fear it.” – Dr. George Sheehan

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