Saturday, September 12, 2009

Coming Soon To A Trail Near You - Iroquois Trail Ultras

It's down to business now . . . in exactly one week at this time I should be nearing the end of the Iroquois Trail 50-Miler. I am really excited about this and I feel really ready. I have been getting some rest, spending more time on the trails, and have been having good luck with my food-and-drink-for-the-run experimentation. Now it's just time to do it. Thank goodness I made the commitment to volunteer at an aid station for the 100-milers! I have so many times thought to myself "I think I could do the 100". No doubt that I think I could make it through, but my revamped goals for the rest of the running season were to scale it back a bit. If I hadn't made the commitment to volunteer I could easily see myself getting sucked back into the 100. But to make that a successful run for me, I feel that I need to be hungry for it. And by next year I will be starving for that 100 miles!

The race starts at 6am on Saturday, September 19. If you want to follow my progress through the mountains CLICK HERE (you will have to click on ITU 50 Mile on the left side of the page). You can click on the little cell phone icon next to my name and sign yourself up to receive text messages of my progress. CLICK HERE to see the leadboard and splits (click on ITU 50 Mile and the top of the page) and see how I am doing with the other runners. It will be just like you are out there in the mountains and on the trails with me!

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