Monday, March 9, 2009


“Going to the woods is going home . . . " John Muir

I know that there is still more to come, but this weather this week was absolutely awesome for running. I am certain that there is still at least one more snow storm out there before it finally clears, but this past week’s weather was just enough of a boost that I now think I can make it through.

FINALLY . . . Joe and I were able to get back out on the trails to run. We ran a section of the Finger Lakes Trail two days this week. The ground was still hard in most areas and therefore unforgiving to the twisting and turning of my ankles, but still, I was running in the woods! And it was great to get my trail legs back on before hitting the trails in less than two weeks for the HAT Run 50K. I feel ready and, although I would have liked to get more miles in this week, I decided that I need to also get ready for next week’s St. Pat’s 4-miler and my attempt to defend my Clydesdale crown. I bought a new pair of sneakers especially for this – Asics Gel DS Trainers. For most runners these sneakers are considered daily training run shoes. But for someone of my size they are considered racing flats. Joe and I ran one of our 10K routes and I wore them (it was a dry & sunny day . . . couldn’t chance getting them dirty!) and I just felt really fast in them. So hopefully this will bode well for the race.

I also gained another year this week which, unfortunately, does not yet put me into the next age group. It probably doesn’t matter much anyway, since the 35-45 year-old women are generally pretty tough and that means I have a long way to go!

So despite my lower mileage this week, I think I was able to gain mentally. My mind is in racing-mode for next week and I can’t wait to see all of our ultra friends at HAT and spend some really quality time on the trails.

Monday 3/2: 0 miles. A rest day was in order after the weekend.

Tuesday 3/3: 7.78 miles. Some paved roads, some snowy dirt roads. 10 degrees outside and WINDY but sunny.

Wednesday 3/4: 7 miles on the Finger Lakes Trail.

Thursday 3/5: 6.2 miles in new Asics Gel DS Trainers. What a speed-rush!

Friday 3/6: 7 miles on the Finger Lakes Trail. Ran in shorts and light-weight long sleeve shirt. Temp beautiful in the 50s.

Saturday 3/7: 6.4 miles. Ran on dirt roads through Arnot Forest. Still some pretty icy sections which made for slow-going in parts.

Sunday 3/8: 0 miles. Worked last night and that added to losing an hour really messed me up! So it was a great rest day from running. Lifted weights.

Ireland still remains undefeated in the Six Nations Rugby tournament – the only team that has a chance for a grand slam! And for my birthday I got what every rugby girl should have – her own rugby ball. Now I can practice my kicks and my throws as cross training!

Lesson for the week: Ice cream cake and beer taste really good together.

“I only went out for a walk, and finally concluded to stay out until sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.” John Muir

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