Monday, February 16, 2009

Back In The Saddle

Well, this week was a good running week. Despite the bipolar weather around here, I managed to run in shorts three days this week! Sunny and shorts yesterday, heavy winter tights & layers again today! I had some really great running days this week and made the effort to organize my time better to accommodate some more mileage and despite two days of non-running I managed to get in higher mileage.

MONDAY 2/9: 7.7 miles before work. 36 degrees, sunny, no wind. Ran in shorts!

TUESDAY 2/10: 0 miles. Joe had an eye doctor appointment, an all-day event, and then off to see the tax man in the PM.

WEDNESDAY 2/11: 16.7 miles. 6.2 miles in the AM with Joe. 10.5 miles at 2pm – started out sunny & warm, finished under clouds & with some major winds. Started feeling a little whippy with 1.2 miles to go & should have eaten a gel, but I guess I felt that I was too close to the finish & talked myself out of it. Recovered with a beer instead.

THURSDAY 2/12: 0 miles. HUGE 40-50 mph winds, so I opted for a hard bike workout, lifted weights, did crunches, & jumped rope. Off to work after.

FRIDAY 2/13: 7.5 miles before work. 30 degrees, WINDY, but sunny. Ran in shorts!

SATURDAY 2/14: 17.65 miles with Lorrie & Becky. Hilly run starting at home & finishing at home. Excellent hills & I ran them (minus a short bit of power walking to stretch my hamstrings). Joe saved the day with dry shirts for me & water for Lorrie & Becky @ the half-way point.

SUNDAY 2/15: 3.1 miles at the Big Flats Valentine’s Race. Ran with Joe & we came in 5th in the Sweetheart’s division . . . some tough competition this year. But I have to say that we looked the best!

TOTAL: 52.65 miles!!!!!!!!!!!!

So there’s nothing really exciting to report. Just getting geared-up for the HAT Run 50K. And rugby continues – Ireland plays tonight. So let me just leave you with some thoughts of wisdom that I learned this week:

1- Don’t put a battery in your pocket with coins. You could set yourself on fire.
2- Don’t spit, pee, or blow snot rockets into the wind.
3- And don’t f*#! with the Lone Ranger (OK, this has nothing to do with anything, but still . . . good advice).

Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’, keep them doggies rollin’ . . . RAWHIDE!

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  1. Glad you are doing well Christine! I saw that you are signed up for Iroquois! Excellent! You know most of those hills well and it will help to drive out there and get to know the course better. Lookin forward to H.A.T....woohooooooo!